We Know Compliance

Work with a digital marketing agency that knows the ins and outs of higher education compliance so you’ll stay on the right side of DOE regulators.

Our thorough knowledge of state and federal compliance rules that affect higher education can prevent you from running afoul of regulators. When a single misstep can have catastrophic consequences to your school’s reputation and long-term profitability, you understand the value of choosing a marketing partner that has the knowledge to
protect you.

We stand beside you and behind you, understanding that you have a lot invested in your school and its reputation, and we guard it as fiercely as you do.

Our marketing strategies don’t oversell or over-promise. Instead, we reach out to your future students in a way that matches their needs to what you offer. We can produce great results for you, while also staying on the right side of the regulators to protect your school’s reputation and accreditation standing.