Why Choose Us?

We develop and deploy digital marketing strategies that work, and share why they do.

At ESM Digital, we are creative #HigherEdGeeks with a passion for data analysis. We use science to find solutions that satisfy your unique goals and objectives, including you every step of the way. Instead of hiding behind a mountain of mystery analytics, we work hard to help you understand exactly what we’re doing and the results we are seeing. We like to consider our team an extension of yours and know that we’re successful when you are.

We know Higher Ed.

We understand the challenges you face because our marketing expertise is in education. Our founder spent more than a decade sitting in your seat – as the marketing and admissions manager for a division of one of the largest private universities in the country. Andy understands that every decision you make needs to tie back to your return-on-investment and has built a team that “gets it” too.

We welcome accountability.

We don’t hide behind tech jargon, present mountains of data you’re not trained to understand, or cherry-pick metrics to make your results look better than they are. Instead, we educate you on the techniques we use, explain why they should work, and adjust them when they don’t.

We help you understand how your marketing investment is working and invite you to always be involved in the process. We want you to consider us your partner. We succeed when you do.