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[First Name], Are You Personalizing Your Emails? You Should Be!

No one wants to feel like a tracking number or a nameless lead – so why would you treat your subscriber or prospective student like one? You want your future students to feel like the content you provide is relevant to them: you want to personalize it. Now, this doesn’t mean you plug in your […]

Litmus Live Email Marketing Conference: The Golden Rule

In the digital marketing industry learning never stops and a true email marketing geek always seeks out the most current best practices, the newest technology and upcoming trends. And a great place to soak all of that in is The Litmus Live Email Marketing Conference, so it was only natural that ESM Digital sent a […]

Don’t Buy Student Email Lists; Create Them

You’re not the only institution that still buys lists. The College Board sells tens of millions of names to more than a thousand colleges across the country every year.1 At 42 cents per name the practice not only represents huge profits for the nonprofit College Board and ACT testing services; it can cost colleges significantly. […]

8 Easy and Effective Email Tips

Happy National Email Week! The 2nd week of June marks the celebration of email week and while this celebration often passes by unknown to most, we think it’s a great time to learn about one of the marketers’ most powerful tools in the digital toolbox.

Why Bother With an Email Re-Engagement Campaign?

Email Reengagement campaigns aren’t just about a few possible enrollments; they an important part of your overall marketing strategy.

5 Reasons Your Emails are Being Ignored

Email is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Learn 5 reasons your emails are being ignored.

4 Email Marketing Metrics Your School Should Be Tracking

When it comes to measuring the success of email marketing, do you think of conversions and open rates? While they’re important metrics to note, there are a lot less obvious ones to consider.