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Effective Student Marketing is now ESM Digital  

Effective Student Marketing: We’re still the same ‘ol HigherEd Geeks you’ve come to love, but we have a new logo and a new name: ESM Digital

How Effective Marketing Communication Can Improve Retention

You don’t just want students to enroll, you want them to succeed. Find out how customized communication can help improve your retention rates.

What to do After the Breakup: Choosing Your New Agency

You’ve FINALLY made the decision to break up with your old agency. But you’re not ready to give up on marketing. Now what?

What you Need to Know about Andy’s Drone

Want to know about Effective Student Marketing? You need to know a little about its founder Andy Kelley. Andy is passionate about ESM and drones

‘Tis the Season: Highlights from Our Holiday Festivities 2015

Over the past two weeks, we all took some time to celebrate all the wonderful things we accomplished in 2015.

Top 4 Paid Social Media Platforms

Capitalizing on top social media platforms can make a world of difference in your school’s marketing goals – if you know which serves what purpose.

Why Work at Effective Student Marketing

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a #HigherEdGeek? Read why you should join our team.