More Changes to Facebook, What it Means for Your School

Organic reach continues to decline on Facebook, and it’s negatively affecting brands. Facebook’s newest algorithm places a greater emphasis on the content users care most about – photos and status updates from their network of friends – and forces brands to pay to play in more ways than one.

Intended to increase relevant content that appears in the News Feed, these changes are forcing brands to up their game of content creation. Content is still the reigning king. If you don’t want to suffer the wrath of the algorithmic gods, then you need to create quality content and promote to your most likely prospects. Here’s how:

Craft better posts. Opt for quality over quantity. The content you push out needs to be relevant to your audience and something they want to engage with and share with their network. As a school, your content must be interesting to grab the attention of current students, future students, and graduates.

Pay to extend your reach. Brands can generate, on average, up to a 5x return on ad spend by choosing to target users beyond their current audience. According to a recent Datalogix study, brands saw a 70 percent higher ROI on campaigns that maximized reach.

At Effective Student Marketing, we know that in a sea of endless algorithm changes, the rules of good marketing still apply. The ability to target prospects who would not have been exposed to your school’s content organically provides your school with a unique opportunity to increase its brand awareness and generate more leads. Find out how by contacting Effective Student Marketing today.

~ Alyssa