Instagram Should Be Included in Social Media Marketing Strategy for Schools

Instagram recently announced new statistics about their users on their Press Center site that could convince anyone to add Instagram to their social media marketing strategy for schools. Instagram offers an alternative to social networks that are heavy on text by allowing users to share their stories by using pictures. The photo focused site/app would be great to consider for any social media marketing strategy for schools since it is a great way to share your story with students, graduates, and prospects.

  • 90 million monthly active users
  • 40 million Photos Per Day
  • 8500 Likes Per Second
  • 1000 Comments Per Second

Prior to this update, Instagram reported the following statistics:

  • 80 million+ Registered Users
  • 4 billion+ Photos Uploaded
  • 5 million+ Photos Per Day
  • 575 Likes Per Second
  • 81 Comments Per Second

Between Instagram’s last report and this report the photo focused site has seen a huge increase in engagement:

  • 81 comments per second to 1,000, which is an increase of 1134 percent!
  • 575 likes per second to 8,500 likes per second, which is an increase of 1378 percent!

For comparison purposes, below is the Monthly Active User data for the major social platforms, posted by Gigaom:

  • Facebook: 1 Billion
  • Tumblr: 400 Million
  • Twitter: 200 Million
  • LinkedIn: 160 Million
  • Google+: 135 Million
  • Instagram: 90 Million
  • Foursquare: 8 Million

Do you plan to incorporate Instagram into your school’s social media marketing strategy? Why or why not?

Have you already incorporated Instagram into your social media marketing strategy for your school?

We would love to know. Let us know by commenting below!

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