How to Efficiently Monitor Social Media Channels for Your School

How to Efficiently Monitor Social Media Channels for Your School

Figuring out what steps to take in monitoring your school’s social media channels can be a daunting task to take on. Additionally, you’ll need to devise a strategy for how you will act upon listening to the social chatter surrounding your brand.

To ensure your school is successful in its monitoring efforts, you must first create a strategy by following the steps below:

Define Your Objective.

Figure out why you want to monitor social media to begin with. Do you want to be able to respond in a timely manner to people who are talking positively or negatively about your school online? Respond to all customer service inquiries to establish the digital credibility of your brand? See who is talking about what in your industry (including your competitors), and insert your brand where necessary?

Define Where You’re Monitoring.

Where you hang out digitally should be an online space where your students, prospects, or graduates hang out. The ‘where’ in this case will provide you with invaluable insight into where your audience is talking and therefore where to monitor, ultimately allowing you to keep track of what this audience is saying about your school.

Define What You’re Monitoring.

Though monitoring is often keyword based, make your decision based on what hashtags you may associate with your school’s brand, any digital marketing campaigns your school may be running across one or more social networks, etc. If you’re experiencing a heavy volume of comments on an ad campaign running on Facebook, designate a person or team to respond to each and every comment, helping to build a strong online relationship between your school and the student, prospect or graduate. In the case of lead generation, offline relationships (i.e., student inquiries, phone calls, filling out of forms, enrollment) are often built first and foremost, online.

Reputation Management.

Once your school is online, reputation management – managing your online presence across multiple channels – becomes a crucial part of building a trusting and dependable relationship with those who interact with your institution. Regardless of the comment’s sentiment, replying shows that your school is caring and understanding when it comes to providing helpful information to anyone who interacts with it.

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