How Colleges Can Use Twitter to Connect with Prospective Students

Twitter is the perfect social media platform to connect with your prospective students in real-time and at a personal level. Let your prospective students know that your school is listening and that you care about their success.

Make it personal

Declining demand and increasing competition have been impacting enrollments. Because the pool of competition is getting smaller, your school needs to be connecting with prospective students at a personal level. If you come across a tweet or a check-in from a prospect talking about how they’re excited for their campus tour or thinking of enrolling, that’s your chance to connect with them. Ask them if they have any questions and let them know your school is there to assist them with anything they need during the decision process. You can’t always count on prospective students to tweet directly at you, which is why daily Reputation Management searches are important and will ensure that any mention of your school on Twitter can be properly addressed.

Answer questions and inquiries in a timely manner

We frequently come across tweets from prospective students about how they can’t decide between College ABC and College XYZ. In addition, we see questions about the enrollment process, which programs are offered, and class start dates. For those tweeting about how they can’t decide which school to enroll at, offer them a link to a graduate success story or a photo album of students practicing in their skills in the lab. Use your students and graduates to help get your school get more leads. It’s important to address these tweets in a timely manner because you don’t want to lose these prospective students to another school.


Twitter isn’t just for connecting with current students and graduates, it’s also a great way to engage with prospective students. Ask your target audience questions and use the proper hashtags in your tweets so they’re searchable. Provide a reason for prospective students to tweet and engage with your school. It’s great to share stories about your school, but don’t use it solely as your broadcasting system.

Do you have any tips on how colleges can use Twitter to connect with prospective students? Is your school already using Twitter for this purpose?

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