Engage Your Facebook Fans with a Short and Sweet Status Update

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Here at Effective Student Marketing I work with a few different schools and their Facebook pages. I am in communication on a daily basis with all of the schools I work with and one of the most common topics of conversation that comes up is different ways to create interaction and engagement on the Facebook page.

At Effective Student Marketing we are always brainstorming new ideas  to present to our clients on how to continue the interaction and engagement on their Facebook page(s). That’s what Facebook is all about, right? I am going to point out one observation I have made though  – a short, simple, and to the point status update almost always gets the most interaction on the Facebook page. When I first started posting these types of status updates, I was really only expecting a “like” or two, and maybe even a comment to go along with it! I was wrong (and not the least bit upset that my expectation was incorrect). Typically within the first two hours of when the status update is posted is when  the most volume occurs, and it continues to increase from there.

Facebook status updates should be short, to the point, and can relate to all of the students and/or graduates that visit the page. Status updates aren’t decided in far in advance, usually updates such as the ones above are posted because nothing bigger is happening on that particular day. However, thinking into the near future, I am going to look into annual events that the different campuses may have and form status updates around things like that. This is a great way to form a community with your current students, graduates, staff/faculty, prospects, and the public.