5 Social Media Ideas for Back to School Season

5 Social Media Rules to Share with Your Students

As we approach the peak of “Back to School” season, you may be tempted to begin flooding your Facebook page, Twitter account, and other social media sites with last minute class start reminders and admissions announcements. Rather than turn your social media sites into a mess of sales pitches and impersonal announcements, turn it into a welcoming space for returning, new, and prospective students. Here are five social media ideas for “back to school” season:

1. Create a “Welcome Back” event page

Do you hold some kind of “welcome back” event for your students? It could be as simple as a “First Day of Class” event reminder. Create a Facebook event and encourage students to RSVP via social media. It’s a great way to jumpstart the year and spark some engagement.

2. Share photos from the first day of class

Head into each classroom and snap some photos of your campus on the first day of classes this fall. Your students will love to see their photos on Facebook later and your prospects will see what to expect at school.

3. Post encouraging status updates and open-ended questions

Starting school can feel like a daunting task for many students. Post encouraging messages and share important information that they may need through social media updates. Open-ended questions like “How is the first week of class going for everyone?” or “What was your favorite part of school this week?” will get your fans talking.

4. Get returning students and graduates to engage.

Your returning students and recent graduates may feel left out of all the “back to school” buzz. Get them to engage by posting questions and updates that ask for them to share their experiences and advice with new students. It can help them form new friendships and build a stronger community.

5. Tell new students about your social media sites

As a new batch of students begins classes this fall, be sure to remind them about your school’s social media sites. They may not realize that you have a Facebook page or Twitter account. Add an announcement to the agenda on the first day of class to help spread the word on campus.