Search Engine Optimization

Effective search engine optimization means your students will find you instead of your competition.

When your students are searching for the programs you offer, you want them to find you and not the competition. Search engine optimization is designed to ensure that they do. But while other marketing firms take a formulaic approach to SEO, we never forget that your searching students are human. At the foundation of our SEO strategies is unique content that engages, educates and answers the questions your future students might be asking.

We also embrace technology and analytics and examine your website to:

  • Perform a technical audit that evaluates current indexing, crawling and serving and recommend ways to improve the user experience and your ranking
  • Make certain your site conforms to the most current search engine algorithms
  • Perform keyword research and incorporate our findings into strategic content creation
  • Find and eliminate outdated or duplicate content
  • Find and correct site errors and redirects to recover lost traffic
  • Analyze your inbound and outbound links to determine which are beneficial and which might be detrimental
  • Make certain your site is responsive across channels and devices
  • Conduct extensive and ongoing analysis and make recommended improvements

We know that effective search engine optimization needs to consider a long and always-evolving list of search engine algorithms without ever forgetting the user experience. Let our #HigherEdGeeks show you how to design and populate your website for humans, while still hitting all the markers that will ensure you rank well in the organic searches evaluated by computers.