Paid Search Advertising

Learn how paid search advertising can help you qualify, enroll and graduate more students.

Instead of a black mystery box approach to paid search, we share the secrets of this digital marketing science directly with you. We don’t rely on management tools or affiliate leads that offer meager conversion rates of 2-3 percent. Instead, we combine technology and analysis with our own expertise and personalized account management to yield results that typically convert at 10-12 percent. Our #HigherEdGeeks develop and implement paid search campaigns that find the quality inquiries that are most likely to turn into actual classroom starts through:

  • Daily high-touch analysis that monitors your campaign’s specific data to see what is working well and what we could do even better
  • Exhaustive keyword research and bid optimization designed for high click-through rates at a lower cost-per-inquiry
  • Ad design that pairs powerful images with targeted keywords and is responsive to channel and device
  • Sequential remarketing that strategically targets your future students with ads and messaging that follows them throughout their decision making process
  • Full transparency about what we’re doing, the results we are seeing and how it is impacting your cost-per-enrollment and return on investment

At ESM Digital, we take the mystery out of marketing by showing you your campaign data and then explaining what it all means. Let us become part of your team and we’ll use our proven approach to provide you with inquiries that turn into starts.