Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising finds your future students where they spend much of their time: online. Learn digital marketing strategies that work.

If you want to reach your future students, you need to be a part of their lives at each stage of the decision making journey and appear where they live and breathe: online. Our digital advertising campaigns can help build buzz around your brand, increase engagement and loyalty, and boost your student enrollments and starts. We use strategies that:

  • Craft quality content that your prospective students can truly relate to
  • Choose channels that align with the interests and habits of your target audience
  • Produce visually compelling ads that appeal to your future students
  • Target those ads to the prospects who are most likely to turn into enrollments
  • Craft clear and concise calls-to-action and user-friendly forms and fields
  • Partner with social media to boost engagement
  • Remarket to your existing prospects to continually keep your school and programs on their radar
  • Optimize to fit the channels and devices on which your prospects view your ads
  • Examine analytics and run A/B testing throughout your campaign and modify to improve results
  • Share what we are doing and explain how it is impacting your return on investment

Digital ads pull in prospective students by capturing their attention where they are and enticing them to act. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Pandora, or anywhere else, our #HigherEdGeeks know how to construct campaigns that generate the kinds of inquiries that turn into classroom starts. Let us craft a strategy that will work for you.