Custom Analytics and Reporting for Your Digital Campaigns

Embrace the Potential of Data with Custom Analytics and Reporting

What good are great enrollment marketing campaigns if you can’t see the results, get a better view and make data-driven decisions? Effective marketing analytics and reporting put powerful tools in your hands to measure and analyze a variety of data so you can continually improve upon your marketing initiatives and prove their positive ROI.

Analytics and Reporting

ESM Central is our proprietary digital dashboard that lets you access your data to assess your marketing efforts and tie them directly to results. It allows you to look at important metrics such as:

  • Inquiries
  • Applications
  • Enrollments
  • Cost-per-Inquiry
  • Overall Budget
  • Spend-to-Date
  • Spend-to-Goal
  • Spend by
    • – Campaign
    • – Program
    • – Platform
    • – Location

At ESM Digital, we believe in fully transparency; we don’t hide your data from you. They’re all available on ESM Central, from wherever you are, whenever you want. And because ESM Central is customizable, your dashboard is uniquely yours, highlighting what’s important to you.

Are you ready to seize the power of data and partner with a higher ed marketing agency that will help you achieve your enrollment goals? Give us a call today.