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  • It is rare to find a team of individuals as creative and committed to the success of your business as the ESM Team. Whether we present them with a big challenge or a passing thought regarding something we are trying to improve, their team puts all of their energy and experience into quickly helping us achieve and exceed the results we’re looking for. If you are looking for a true partner…you won’t find any better than ESM.

  • If you’re considering ESM you’re starting in the right place. They have a team of people who are there to monitor, measure and modify your Social Media campaign so that it’s most effective. Like all ‘partnerships’ a certain level of management must exist on the part of the College but ESM takes the time to understand your work style, your College’s philosophy and works within parameters for an effective use of time and money.

  • The team at ESM actually listens — they care about our goals, objectives, and most importantly, our organizational culture. They have adapted to us; they don’t try to force us into their box. They have enabled us to develop an extensive online-community that is responsive and consistent, and that reinforces our institutional values, and complies with the continually-evolving best practices of the social media world.

  • We approached ESM about managing our social media campaigns after having worked with them in the past on other projects and seeing great results. ESM worked with us to develop the social media strategy that would be most successful for our school and in acquiring future enrollments. We now have over 1,500 fans on Facebook with constant participation from students, graduates and prospects. ESM also always keeps us in the loop about what they’re doing, what’s being said about our schools online, and what new ideas they’ve come up with to keep our social media campaign alive and successful in getting us more referrals.

  • ESM has been providing strategic education marketing services for us for over three years now. We understand the importance of using social media to better interact with our graduates, students, and prospects and have asked ESM to manage our social media presence. It’s been less than two months, and ESM has already generated over 1,200 fans for our Facebook page. Most importantly, there is positive interaction occurring daily on our Facebook Wall. Through the use of contests, trivia questions, posting photos, and initiating Q&As on our Facebook fan page, ESM has already generated more excitement amongst our students and prospects.

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