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Boost Your Applicants and Enrollments Without Paying Google

Digital marketing initiatives, including paid media, can help drive conversions on your website, but they can be costly.  You’re forced to pay search engines like Google more and more for inquiries, which chips away at your marketing ROI.  But what if you could shift your marketing investment to your own digital marketing channel?

ESM Digital makes this possible through Omniboost.

What Is Omniboost?

Omniboost is our proprietary process to boost traffic, engagement, inquiries, applications, and enrollments through the channel you already own: your website. By combining SEO, Content, and Conversion Rate Optimization, we create a holistic strategy that allows you to reach potential students at every step of their enrollment journey.

Take a closer look at the Omniboost components:

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Content Marketing

We create custom, high-quality content that attracts visitors and keeps them engaged throughout their enrollment journey. Using video, blogs, infographics, eBooks, whitepapers, and more, we highlight what makes your institution unique. Prospective students get to know and trust you as an authority and a friend.  When it comes time to make a decision about which school to choose, you’re a natural choice—because they already know you.

Search Engine Optimization

When prospective students search online, do they find you?  Through SEO, we make sure that you are found when and where your future students search.  Through technical implementations, we ensure that search engines crawl your site and index your content. We also conduct on-page optimizations that keep your content fresh, relevant, and discoverable by the Google bots—and humans.

Usability Optimization

Your website can be your best conversion tool, especially when you improve the user experience.  We’ll optimize your site’s content and design to maximize the number of conversions you’ll get from visitors.  We continually run tests, discover opportunities, and then implement our findings to boost inquires and applications from your website. 

When we combine content and SEO, and put it through usability optimization, it gives all your marketing a boost. That’s Omniboost! And that winning combination will help you achieve the results you need: more students who enroll and succeed at your school.

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