Leanne Estridge

Director of Client Success

About Leanne

As an integral member of the ESM Digital leadership team, Leanne is performance-minded and dynamic—the perfect fit to direct the success of our partner schools. She has a strong background in communications, relationship building and creating campaigns that achieve optimal performance.

During her time with ESM Digital, Leanne has driven strategy for our partner schools while managing new initiatives and exceeding performance goals year-over-year. Our clients enjoy working with Leanne thanks to her enthusiastic nature and her effectiveness in achieving their enrollment goals.

Leanne has been in the digital space for nearly six years. She began her professional career in sales and marketing, and later in account, email, and operations management of an online retail agency. As a regular blog contributor, she values staying ahead of the curve and being in touch with channel representatives to bring our partner schools access to alphas and betas to promote testing and growth.

Leanne holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. She loves visiting her alma mater and reconnecting with professors and networking within Champlain’s tight-knit alumni. At home, she enjoys good food with her foodie husband/chef, gardening outside, and taking care of her dogs and cat. 


Phone : 978.475.0880