Diversify Your Campus

Did you know that while enrollment yield continues to erode, there is a shining beacon of opportunity to improve your applicant pool? College-bound minority students across the country are actually increasing in number. What’s more, they are more likely to use social media to research the colleges and universities they might attend. If you want to increase diversity on your campus and in your online programs, download the ESM Digital whitepaper: How to Diversify Your Student Body Through Social Media now.

We’ll remind you of the many benefits of student body diversification and show you how to use social media to achieve results that matter. Learn how to:

  • Embrace the omnipresence of social media
  • Reach a more diverse pool of potential students
  • Leverage limited university resources
  • Define and highlight your university’s diversity brand
  • Use social media to improve retention

Download How to Diversify Your Student Body Through Social Media to discover the power of social media—before your competition does.

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