Should My School’s Advertising Stimulate an Emotional Response?

Should My School's Advertising Stimulate and Emotional Response?

How do you get your future students to interact or buy into what your school is all about? Start with their emotions!

According to an IPA Data Bank campaign study, marketing campaigns with purely emotional content performed twice as well as purely rational campaigns.

Your audience’s emotions are far more durable and long-lasting than their logic will ever be. Fact-based logic plays a major role in the decision-making process. But the way you advertise your school can strike certain personal impulses in potential students that will heavily influence their feelings for your school and their decision to enroll. You’ll want to leverage the use of visuals and video that resonate with the personal identity of your target audience – prospects, current students, and alumni.

Here are some ways to target that human emotion through your online advertising:

Establish a Goal.

What do you hope to achieve in your marketing efforts? Brand awareness? Lead generation? School loyalty? Student retention?

Scope out the Market.

Get to know your prospective students. Before putting a campaign into the digital sphere for everyone to see, keep your goals in mind. What are your current fans reacting to positively in regard to content you’ve already created? Listen to what they have to say, because if they’re talking about it, it’s relevant to them in that moment.

Analyze Your Audience.

Understand the characteristics of your target audience. Which demographic are they a part of? What psychographic characteristics set them apart from other audiences? Are you targeting prospects, current students, graduates, or all three?

Find Your Niche.

What does your school stand for? You aren’t just a school. You are a symbol of education, freedom, and opportunity. Disney is not about the movies, it’s about the magic. Apple isn’t about technology, it’s about innovation. How is your school different from all the others? Your advertising should focus on real people and how they feel. It isn’t just about getting your school’s branded logo out there. Think of ways to instill passion in your audience and appeal to their heart rather than their head.

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