Set Your School Apart with Facebook Product Ads

Set Your School Apart with Facebook Product Ads

Facebook Product Ads are now available to a select few marketing agencies and ad accounts. Here at Effective Student Marketing, we are among the privileged few who have had the opportunity to leverage this feature to help set our clients apart in the News Feed.

The current advertising layout provided by Facebook displays a single image and call out, while the ad links back to one destination URL for all program offerings. If you are advertising various educational programs for your school, you know that this format doesn’t correctly display all you have to offer current students and prospects. Product Ads will now allow you to deliver the most relevant ads to your targeted audience. You can then input a single ad unit or a multi-ad unit with unique URLs that trace back to specific program offerings or degree levels on your school’s website.

Search Marketing Manager Melissa Eaton explains the benefits of Facebook Product Ads for schools offering varying degree levels, a wide array of programs, or for those offering Online vs. Classroom learning.

[quote-tag author=”Melissa Eaton” author_title=”Search Marketing Manager”]As granular as Facebook targeting options are, sometimes we are only able to determine that someone is interested in going to school – but not the specific program or degree level they are interested in, never mind whether or not they have a preference in traditional classroom versus online learning. By having the ability to showcase multiple program offerings, the ad will resonate with more people – in fact, early results show significant decreases in Cost per Acquisition and significant increases in Click Through Rates.[/quote-tag]

In addition to allowing your school to showcase more program offerings, the Product Ads feature will allow you to accomplish the following:

Boost Clicks and Conversions.

Product Ads were first tested among retailers, who saw a 45 percent drop in CPA and a 42 percent increase in CTR. If you offer more program options to prospective students, they may be more likely to find what they are looking for when given 3-5 options, instead of just one. If you showcase more than one program, you may get more prospects to click because your variety of programs are appealing to a wider audience.

Solidify Your Reputability. 

If a prospect stumbles across your ad in the News Feed and sees the wide range of program offerings and degree levels your school offers, your reputation and credibility as an institution automatically increases in the eyes of this potential student. By highlighting more aspects of your school, you are prompting your audience to click your ad(s) for more information.

Customize the Journey.

From discovery of the ad to the filling out of a form, Product Ads allow you to tailor your ads appearing in the News Feed based on the habits of your audience. Working in tandem with Facebook’s Custom Audience feature (allows you to target people based on demographic, location, interests, gender, etc.), you can also target those who have already visited your school’s website.

Each of these Products Ad features will allow you to further customize what your school has to offer to prospects, students, and graduates and, provides much more complex work on the back end of things. The linking of additional URLs, the adjustment of image specs, text reformatting and character limitations are just a few aspects of the new feature that will greatly differ from your standard Facebook ad format. To track the performance of these ads also becomes a more complex (but insightful!) task, as you are now able to compare which call out people are Clicking & Converting from the most.

At Effective Student Marketing, we create custom Product Ads that tell the unique story of our clients and the value they can provide their audience. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call at 800-313-3510 or request a free consultation now.