What You Need to Know About Your Content Marketing: You’re Doing it All Wrong!

content marketing

Just about everyone has figured it out – Content marketing works! That is, if you do it correctly –but chances are, you’re not.

Less than a third of B2B marketers believe they’re doing a good job at content marketing and they’re the EXPERTS! So, if you’re missing the mark, don’t get discouraged. Here’s what you’re doing wrong and how to get it right.

You don’t have a strategy. Everything you create for your school is content, so whether or not you call it that, you’re already dipping your toes in the content marketing pool. But, unless you have a plan, you could be doing more harm than good. Bad content sends a message to would-be students that you just don’t care. Prove to them you do!

[Tweet “Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom. ~ Lee Odden “]First, set goals for what you want your content marketing to achieve. Then, create an editorial calendar with clear messaging that targets your prospective students. It should include events, issues and answers that matter most to your prospects. Consider the kind of content that will appeal to your audience. Is it a frequently updated blog that offers insight into the industries where your students will eventually work? Is it an infographic outlining the steps to a new career? Or maybe it’s an outreach email to alumni reminding them of all that your career services department has to offer.  Whatever format your content takes, make it great.

You don’t distribute your content well. You’ve created an awesome infographic, but what are you doing with it? Once you build a treasure trove of great content, make certain you distribute it across all the social networks your stakeholders visit. Don’t just think aboutyour students and prospects scrolling through apps and sites on the Google Display Network. Think also about the employers who may be looking on LinkedIn for the future employees your programs create, the grads keeping in touch on Facebook and the vast majority of future students all over the Internet who don’t even know they’ll be your students someday.

You don’t measure the results. Content marketing can do great things for your enrollments, but how will you know if you don’t measure its results? If your original goals were about increased website traffic and bumping your rank in a Google search, measure that. Or, were you looking for increased engagement on social media and a boost in brand awareness? You can measure content marketing across an array of data points, from conversions and enrollments to your return on investment. Measure, tweak your strategy and measure again.

If you already understand the importance of content marketing, but aren’t doing all you can to achieve the results you want, contact the HigherEd Geeks at Effective Student Marketing. We’ll show you what you’re missing.

~ Linda Emma