What Good is Content Marketing without Results?

Effective content marketing doesn’t just produce great content; it produces results. But beyond actual leads and conversions, schools often don’t know which results to measure. Do you? If you’re trying to boost your brand and create results that turn into enrollments, here are three metrics you need to consider:

[Tweet “Effective content marketing can have a positive impact on your SEO”]SEO: Your content can have significant impact on search engine optimization. If you want to rank well for specific programs, you need an SEO strategy that starts with solid site structure. It needs appropriate URLs, accurate page titles and headings, descriptive metatags, long tail keywords and awesome, current content. If your school website has a blog with changing, relevant content, it will rank higher than your competitors’ that do not.

Engagement: You can measure how your content is doing by likes, comments and shares; by how long people are spending on your website, and where they’re going once they get there. Are they forwarding your emails along, or deleting them unread? Are they bouncing out of your site after a quick click or delving farther into your website’s pages and programs? Are they commenting on your posts and tweets? All that engagement helps you determine whether or not you’re producing the kind of content that your prospects care about. No matter how great you think your content is, unless it’s relevant, it won’t produce the end results you want: enrollments.

Retention: Of course you want more traffic to your website. Increased traffic helps boost your brand and your ranking. But what are those visitors doing on your site and how often do your subscribers opt out? Don’t be afraid if they do. They may be helping you. There’s a big difference between leads and qualified leads. Keep your content relevant and the people coming to you are more apt to be those who are actually interested in your school and its programs. Check out who’s coming and staying. That prospective student who’s just browsing this month might be back next month to enroll.

If you want to learn how to produce good content and measure its impact, contact us at Effective Student Marketing and we’ll show you how.

~Linda Emma