This is the Magic Formula for Your Content Marketing Success

Magic Formula for Marketing Success

If you’ve ever created a blog post that received crazy hits and drove traffic to your website, you understand the value of content marketing. Traffic to the right pages can lead to conversions that turn into enrollments: the Holy Grail of content marketing. But how do you repeat that singular success?

It’s not as complicated as you might think. It does, however, require a leap of faith.

Use the 80-20 rule of content marketing, where 80 percent of your content is pull marketing, and only 20 percent is push. What that means is that most of what you produce will be relevant, useful, informative and newsy. But it will not be a hard-sell push for your programs and your school.

Welcome to the new world order.

Social media marketing isn’t just about pushing students into your programs. It’s about finding and cultivating relationships with the right prospects who will not only turn into students and graduates, but also become some of the best brand ambassadors you could hope for.

Here are 6 secrets to reach that 80 percent.

Create video. Who doesn’t love a good YouTube video? By traveling to the channel and posting video that your future students might actually enjoy, you can endear yourselves to them long before they discover that they’re a perfect match for your programs. For that future beauty school student, consider some how-to demos on updos and makeup tricks. And for that would-be auto technician, offer some do-it-yourself car repairs so he can test his skills against yours.

Post industry news to your blog. Are your students teachers? Offer classroom tricks and tips or weigh in on news relevant to education. If your school has healthcare programs, speak to the demand in the field or the latest rules and regulations that affect healthcare professionals. Use your blog to solidify your role as a thought leader and prospects will make a habit of checking in regularly.

Grab some user generated content and share it. Your students, graduates and even future students are some really great people with great things to say. Don’t be afraid to let them speak in their own voice about what matters to them and you. Like their photos on Instagram, comment on their Facebook posts and share their good thoughts. It’s all content and it’s yours for the taking.

Tweet often about what’s happening in the industry. You’re a thought leader, remember? That means your prospects need to know what you’re thinking. Is there an article you’ve found that touts the benefits of MBAs? Retweet it. Do you have an opinion about the shortage of healthcare workers since the Affordable Care Act was enacted? Let your prospects know!

Partner with experts. The great thing about great content is that you do not have to produce it all on your own. You just need to find it. Partner with experts and share what they have to say. Invite guest bloggers to your site and return the favor. Your students will judge you by the company you keep and so will search engines. Quality content is awesome at giving your SEO rank a boost –if you do it right!

Use images, images and more images. When it comes to social media marketing, a picture can be worth a thousand words, tweets and shares. No one’s going to read what you write if you don’t first capture their attention. Start with an awesome image, add a killer headline and bring the deal home with some superb content.

Are you up for the 80-20 challenge? We are! Contact the #HigherEdGeeks today and we’ll show you how strategic content marketing can lead to more student enrollments.

~Linda Emma