Infographics: How to Make Yours Awesome

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Infographics work, but just because they’re flooding the internet doesn’t mean you’re ready to catch the wave. Before you hit the cyber-sea with an infographic, make sure you’re producing something that students, prospects and even regular people will want to share. Here’s how to make your infographics awesome:

Select a topic that you know and care about and that others will care about too. Infographics should be created to inform and not just to pitch your programs and your school. Talk about the careers your students might find or hot topics in the industry.

Take a chance on something out of your comfort zone. Safe is discussing healthcare careers when all your programs are health-related. But what if you explored the history of a local landmark near your campus or imagined what crazy technologies might be used in a healthcare future? Make your readers think, and they’ll also remember!

Choose a headline that grabs your reader’s attention. The title you start with should be considered your “working” title. Expect to change it as you think of new angles, come up with new ideas. Run it by others and see if they think it’s clickable. Those first few words set the stage for what’s to come so make sure they don’t disappoint.

Do the research and go in-depth on whatever topic you cover. Your readers should be rewarded with knowledge—something they didn’t know before—if they make it through your whole graphic. If they aren’t, you’ve failed them! You went light and fluffy when you should have created great content they care about, share and remember. You blew an opportunity and may find the only thing your reader remembers is to not click on your next infographic.

Allow your images to speak more loudly than your words. We’re visual beings so let your images entice your readers to your words. As to the words, be brief and choose vocabulary that’s concise and crystal clear. Infographics are great at simplifying complex topics. Make sure yours speaks at a level that your readers can understand without talking down to them.

Be bold with your design. Even if your logo is blue on blue, shake up your color scheme and add a little yellow or red or pink! Just remember, you want to attract, not repel. Use graphs and charts. Make sure your graphic-people resemble the actual people in your target demographic. Choose everything from fonts to white space to shadings and color with a critical eye.

Make a plan to share. Once you’ve created an awesome infographic, make sure you have a plan to share it across social media. Don’t know how? Contact us at Effective Student Market and we’ll share strategies that help our clients create infographics that convert into enrollments.
~Linda Emma

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