Here are the 3 Important Benefits of User Generated Content

User Generated Content

If your school is active on social media, you know you’re not there alone. Your students, graduates and prospect are out there too. And they’re probably talking about you! Instead of a hands-off approach to what they’re saying, posting and sharing, jump into the pool. It’s time to join in on the fun –and soak in some important benefits while you’re there.

When you interact with the content your constituencies create, you increase engagement. Whether you’re retweeting something your students said online, liking their Instagram images or linking to the blog post of a successful alumnus, you are engaging in a way that is authentic, relevant and meaningful. That engagement helps build beneficial relationships, while boosting your brand and your image in the eyes of prospects.

User generated content also helps you gain real insight into what is important to your students and prospects. Maybe they tweeted that they’d love to attend your school, but they’re employed full-time. There’s the problem. Do you have a solution? It might be evening classes or online programs. If you don’t offer them, maybe it’s time to look into why not?

That user insight can also help you better market what you already do offer. Schools sometimes have an image of who they are and what they represent that doesn’t quite fit with the way they’re viewed by others. Knowing what your image actually is can help you build upon it and improve it.

When you create opportunities for your constituencies to express themselves in their own voice within your branded social media environments, you improve your social SEO. Make it easy for your students and graduates to share and read one another’s comments and you could also improve your search ranking.

If you’d like to learn more about how to effectively tap into the benefits of user generated content, contact us at Effective Student Marketing. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Let us show you the difference.

~Linda Emma