5 Reasons Your Emails are Being Ignored

Perfect Email Marketing Strategies

If you want to reach your prospects, students, and graduates, then email is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Email marketing nurtures your leads through the enrollment funnel, aids in student retention, and promotes a positive reputation with your graduates. But, if your emails are being ignored, then you need to rethink your strategy.

At INBOUND 2015, Hubspot’s Senior Engineering Manager, Tom Monoghan, explained why even your mom would ignore your email. If your mom won’t open your emails, then your prospects, students, and graduates won’t either. Here are 5 reasons your emails are being ignored:

      1. You’re sending them at the wrong time.

Most marketers think Tuesday is the best time to send an email. That means that everyone’s inbox is full on Tuesdays and your email could be lost. Mix it up and test different days and times. Try Mondays or Saturdays or late afternoons and evenings when your students spend most of their time online.

        1. The recipient just doesn’t care.

If three consecutive emails go unopened, then the recipients probably just don’t care. The information you send them about upcoming class starts and career services events probably just doesn’t resonate with them. Perform a re-engagement email campaign to optimize your list and eliminate the people who simply don’t care. Our very own Reputation and Marketing Manager, Marcy, recommends running a re-engagement campaign every 3 months.

          1. They’re too personal.

Personalize your emails, but don’t be creepy. There’s a fine line between relevant, personalized messaging and making your recipients feel violated. If you’re getting a little too close for comfort, your recipients might start ignoring you, or worse, mark you as spam.

            1. The copy is a big no-no.

Some words increase the likelihood that your email will get marked as spam or trash. Words like urgent, win, free, and giveaway are red flags, especially in the subject line. Read your email copy aloud to listen for any mistakes.

              1. You make it too hard.

Don’t make your recipients hunt for information. Just like any digital marketing campaign, be sure your email has a clear call to action. Only use purposeful links to your website at the beginning or at the end of your emails.

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~ Lindsay Moura