Your Digital Visual Brand: Spread it Around

Ninety percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual and we process those visual images 60,000 times faster than we process text. That’s why it’s vitally important for you to develop a visual brand and spread it across digital media. Your graduates, students and future students should be able to immediately identify your visual brand –and find it everywhere you are.

Your website.

You need to continually look at your website with a critical eye to ensure that it is crisp, clean and contemporary. Your school colors and logo are just a part of the visual image your website needs to display. Are there students pictured on your website? There should be! And they should represent real people, performing the actual tasks your students do in your programs. Your website also needs to be optimized to ensure a positive user experience, whether those users are viewing your site on their desktop, laptop or smart phone.

Written content.

Whether you’re penning a blog or creating an infographic, think visually! Your readers already do. Your future students are more likely to click, engage, like, post, tweet and comment on your content when it includes an image. Posts with visuals receive 94 percent more page visits and engagement than those without and 60 percent of consumers are more likely to click through to a business’s site when an image appears in the search results.

Visual content.

If you need to add visuals to your written content, then your visual content needs to stand on its own. Whenever possible, feature actual students and graduates, sporting the colors and logo of your school. Choose engagement images that show students happy in your programs so your future students can picture themselves in those same scenes.

Video content.

Static images just don’t do the trick anymore! Your students are digital natives who spend an incredible amount of time viewing video online. YouTube is now the number 2 search engine in the world. If video content is missing from your visual brand, you’re missing out!

At Effective Student Marketing, we help our clients present powerful and consistent digital visual images that cross media to reach their future students. If you’d like to learn how to build and spread your visual brand, contact us today for a free consultation.