Your Audience Craves Video: What Are You Going to Do About it?

Getting Video Marketing Right

Not everyone gazing down at their phone as they log miles and hours is playing Pokémon Go. Millions are just watching videos on their phones. From 2011 to 2015, the amount of time Americans spent watching video on digital devices increased 250 percent. And they’re not just binge watching episodes of Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. Eighty-four percent of consumers have also liked a branded video that came up in their news feeds.1 From a marketing perspective, video is an opportunity you can’t afford to ignore. However, you need to do it right:

Create quality: There is no magic formula for subject, length, platform, product or message. As with any content marketing strategy, if you want to produce results, you need to produce quality. That means you must understand your unique audience and give them something that will entertain, educate, enlighten, and maybe even entice them to act.

Be the answer to how to: On the other hand, searches for how-to videos on YouTube increased 70 percent in 2015.  What how to question can you answer for your audience? Do it in a video! Offer tips on how to find a new career, choose a program, fill out financial aid forms, or even just how to find a job. Do it with authenticity, insight and maybe even a bit of humor. Think like your potential students and create a video they’ll watch, enjoy, and share.

Think vertically: When you think of video, do you still imagine big screen mega movies gone digital? Think again! Your prospects are likely watching their video on their smart phones, and they could be viewing it vertically. Make sure whatever you create is optimized for whatever device your future students might be viewing it on.

If you want to attract today’s generation of prospects, you absolutely need to build a video strategy. Contact us today at Effective Student Marketing, and we’ll give you the construction tools you need to get started.

~Linda Emma