You Need to Include Great Design in Your 2016 Marketing Plan

Design in Digital Marketing

Great design establishes your school’s brand and sets you apart from your competitors. If you expect to attract and engage with prospects in 2016, your visual design strategy needs to be an integral part of your marketing plan. Here are 3 reasons why:

1 – Visual content is everywhere 

Content has become visual across all social media. Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets. This means your school’s designs are a huge part of staying ahead of the competition. Create your own branded images to build brand recognition and expand your school’s reach to prospective students. Use consistency in design so that your school’s name, colors and logo bring awareness to the marketplace and are immediately recognizable by all your constituencies.

2 – Mobile is here

Great design ensures that your content is responsive and looks the way you intend wherever it appears, whether on an iPhone or an Android, desktop or tablet. In 2013, Google explained, “the student decision journey has moved online. One in ten prospective students now search exclusively online for classes and programs.” As education-related search volumes continue to increase year over year, will your school be ready?

3 – Make a strong first impression

Design gives your future students their first impression of your institution. How do you want to be perceived? A school with a professionally designed feel will communicate better, be easily understood and will be taken more seriously.

If you want to attract prospects and enroll students, don’t relegate design to a backburner. Give it the time, respect and budget it deserves! Not sure how to create effective design that will resonate with your prospects? Contact the #HigherEdGeeks at Effective Student Marketing today.

~Ali Hughes