You Make America a Better Place

Here at Effective Student Marketing, we’re proud to partner with some pretty great schools. Your mission to serve your students doesn’t just help them; it helps America!

In honor of the holiday weekend, we’d like to thank you for all you do:

Provide the right training. Whether you’re trained in a salon setting or a classroom, you know that practice and craft refinement leads to a more employable individual.

Work with employers. You work closely with employers in order to gauge a better understanding of what types of employees they are looking for, and tailoring your students’ education to fit this description.

Fill the skills gap. The skills gap in this country is real, and you work tirelessly to ensure that your students are equipped with the proper education and training to contribute unmatched value to this economy.

Student Success. At the end of the day, the success of your students matters to you most, because you realize that a solid educational foundation can provide endless opportunities to recent graduates and alumni.

We thank you, your students thank you, and America thanks you!

– Alyssa