Why Your Graduates Could be Your Best New Students

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Building student personas helps you use current data to find future students. But if you really want to fill your programs with students who will enroll, succeed and graduate, look back to those who already have.

Your graduates have already found success at your school. Regardless of how qualified you believe incoming students are, there’s always a chance that something will trip up their success. Graduates of your programs are more likely to succeed in subsequent programs because they’ve already mastered soft skills such as time management, prioritization, follow-through, and good study habits.

You can target them more effectively because you already know who they are and where they go. If you don’t have an active social media presence, you should! That’s how you can connect with current, future and past students. It’s also how you can remarket to graduates who are thinking about coming back for further education. If they’ve expressed an interest, you need to stay present in their minds and online wherever they roam.

Your graduates liked your school –right? Chances are if they graduated, they–and you–did something right. If they also became active on campus and in your online community, your school feels like home to them. Why not welcome your graduates back home where they belong and allow them to continue an education that could help them to advance their career goals?

Your graduate is already in the real world. There’s no more compelling argument for further education than proof that it works. If your graduate is using the skills you taught them in their current career, they understand the value of your school and its programs. What if there’s even more available to them? Maybe that Medical Assistant graduate is now ready to become a nurse? Your nursing program could be the answer. Or maybe an executive assistant who received their associate’s degree is ready for a bachelor’s.

Once you understand the benefits of targeting graduates as future students, let the HigherEd Geeks at Effective Student Marketing show you how to do so effectively. Give us a call today at 978.475.0880.

~Linda Emma