Why Texting is the Missing Piece in Your Student’s Journey

If you get as many emails as I do in a day, then you know how hard it is for someone to reach you – never mind get a response! And the same goes for your potential students. It’s even more difficult for marketers and sales reps to reach their potential customers amid all the noise AND have their messaging resonate. But have you considered text marketing? Maybe you should!

Text Marketing to Increase Enrollments

The reality is that you have to find more impactful ways to reach your future students. Texting might just be the answer. Here’s why it works:


It’s Not the Dreaded Phone Call Most People Hate

According to research conducted by Velocify, 21 percent of people prefer text over any other form of communication. As Velocify’s Senior Vice President of Consumer Strategy, Nick Hedges, explained during a session at the 2018 LeadsCon conference, 97 percent of people want to receive a text as part of a sales follow up.*


It’s Opt In

Users must sign up or agree to be contacted via text. There might be a lot of people who opt out, but those who do agree to be contacted are probably lower in the enrollment funnel and more serious about making a decision on your school or program. Texting can then be seamlessly incorporated into your existing lead nurturing efforts such as email campaigns to increase visits to your campus which could ultimately increase enrollments.


It’s Fast and Personable

Unlike email, texting is a more immediate and intimate way to reach someone. When you receive a text, you probably open and read it within a matter of minutes. And most people view texting as something they do with family and close friends. So, if they agree to receive messages from anyone outside their inner circle, they’re likely very interested, highly likely to engage with you, and ultimately convert.


It Breaks Away From Traditional Marketing

The most effective marketing is one that breaks down the expectations of traditional marketing. People may have an adverse response to obnoxious marketing and sales tactics. Instead, take a softer sell approach. Imagine the pieces of mail such as flyers and postcards you immediately toss in the trash (or better yet, the recycle bin). You’re more apt to open a plain, unmarked envelope that you might think is a bill or personal correspondence. Texting is a similar tactic that breaks through the traditional ways to reach your audience.


What’s more important than whether you use a lead nurturing channel like texting is how you use it. There are some pretty clear, but unwritten rules of etiquette that come with texting, so make sure you brush up on those. It’s also not right for every audience. At ESM Digital, we can help you navigate those decisions and determine if texting should be incorporated into your overall marketing and sales strategy. Contact us today to find out how we can be your partner and help you reach your goals.