Why Social Media Takes a Village

Social Media

You know your school needs to be on social media channels. Maybe, you’ve already set up the accounts. But without a solid strategy and the right resources, you’re probably serving people your content who aren’t your target audience and are unlikely to convert into enrollments.

To grow and maintain a strong social media presence, here are three things you need to consider:

A plan. Who is your target audience? Is your goal to generate leads and ultimately enrollments that turn into starts? Once you figure that out, you need to develop a strategy that focuses on the channels your prospects spend their time. If you’re a beauty school, your target demographic is likely on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. If you’re an online school offering doctoral or specialist degrees in education, your audience is more likely to be on Facebook or LinkedIn. Tailor content that will resonate with them and prompt them to engage with your school.

Personnel. Managing social media accounts for your school may not seem like a lot of work on paper, but it truly takes a village. Your prospects, students and graduates are online at all hours of the day, even when you’re not. You’ll need someone to monitor activity, create and promote your content, and report on results. Great content and social media management need a cohesive strategy and the right people to implement it in order to be successful.

Budget. You might be wondering how you’ll make room for social media in your current budget. The reach of digital advertising is now far greater than that of traditional marketing – in fact, a priority for most marketers in 2015 was to shift 38% of their marketing spend from traditional advertising. What’s the first step? Establish a marketing budget that satisfies your goals. It will depend on factors including brand development, content marketing materials and design. Digital marketing not only entails reaching out to your students on channels like Facebook and Instagram, but also through email, blogs, and gated content like e-books.

There are many pieces to the social media marketing puzzle which is why you need a clear plan and a team of people to execute it efficiently. At Effective Student Marketing, we have a dedicated team of professionals to create and execute a social media strategy that meets your needs. Does this sound like something your school needs? Contact us today.

~ Alyssa Taliaferro