Why Remarketing Works and How to Do It

Have you ever conducted a search for an item you were thinking of purchasing, only to find yourself haunted by that item for weeks on end, wherever you roamed on the internet? You were a remarketing target! That means the site you visited on your initial search cookied you so its product could follow you around and stay at the forefront of your purchasing brain.

[Tweet “Why WOULDN’T you cookie prospects who have already shown interest in your school?”]If you want prospective students to think of you when they’re ready to enroll, remarketing is one way to be sure they do. Because at some point in their search for a new direction to their life a prospect came to your website (or clicked on your ad and arrived on your landing page), you already know they’re somewhat interested in what you have to offer. Why wouldn’t you cookie them?

Remarketing also allows you to build ad copy to the specific interests your prospects have already expressed. For example, if someone found their way to your financial aid page, they’re clearly concerned about how they will finance their education. Then make certain your remarketing ads address those concerns. Tell them about scholarships, grants and student loans that will make school more affordable.

Another benefit of remarketing is its lower cost-per-lead. Instead of a broad net approach where you send your ads out to the masses, you’re targeting a very specific group, who you know have expressed interest in the past. That means you won’t get lots of meaningless clicks. Instead, those clicks are more likely to be made by future students.

Remarketing subjects also enroll at a higher rate than the general population. They’ve already done some research—about you, but also about your competitors. If you choose not to remarket and your competitors do, when your prospects are ready to enroll, they’ll do so at another school.

Like any successful marketing campaign, you need to track your results. Remarketing allows you to cater your messaging to what your prospects viewed in the past, test out different ad formats, examine your results and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

You know you need to market and then to remarket, but do you know how to do it right? Contact the HigherEd Geeks at Effective Student Marketing and we’ll set you up for higher conversions and enrollments.

~Linda Emma