Why Content Needs to Be Part Of Your College Marketing Strategy

Building a content marketing strategy

Your school was doing Content Marketing even before there was an Internet. Those brochures, white papers, and press releases? They’re all content. But in today’s digital world, you need to take that great content about your school and what it does and put it where your students and future students are most likely to discover it: online. And it’s not just a good idea. It’s an enrollment imperative.

Content Marketing tells your story better than any other form of marketing. It’s authentic and whole and speaks to your mission, goals, and accomplishments—and the triumphs of your students, alumni, and faculty. It allows you to share that amazing group of people with the community and the world and is integral to the fabric of your institution’s legacy.

It engages, entertains, and informs. When you create high quality content that places the user first, it will resonate with the stakeholders you most want to reach. Students, faculty, alumni, donors, and future students will be well-informed with accurate information, because you will be the one to provide it. No filters. You get to speak directly with your community in your expert, authentic voice.

Content builds relationships. When you distribute content through social media you become a presence in the lives of your school’s stakeholders. They learn from you and about you. And the better quality content you produce, the more likely it will be shared with others. Connect with alumni and donors on LinkedIn or appear in the newsfeed of students’ Facebook or Instagram accounts. Or try a Snapchat geofilter and show up on prospective students’ smartphone as they’re taking school tours.

It can elevate your brand, increase applications, and improve your enrollment yield. Good content serves as an amazing public relations tool. It drives traffic to your website, and can help to improve search rank. When integrated into an overall digital marketing strategy, it can also help increase applications, enrollments, and graduations.

Content Marketing is just one service ESM Digital provides our partner schools. Want to learn more? Contact us today.

~Linda Emma