What You Need to Know About Andy’s Drone

Andy Kelley Effective Student Marketing

I have a drone. I like my drone. Not as much as I like my dog Milo but it may be my new favorite hobby. The reason you should care about me and my drone is that it says something about the philosophy on which I built Effective Student Marketing. Here’s how:

I love technology. From the Roomba that vacuums our office rugs to the Nest Learning Thermostat that maintains the temperature, if it’s new technology and it works, I want it. I seek out leading edge innovations, explore, investigate, test, and try out, and, if fits my needs, I purchase it. I take the same approach with the technology we use for our clients. I want the latest and the greatest, but ONLY if it’s going to improve upon the services we provide.

I am still at the controls. As the founder and president of ESM, I take a lot of pride in what we do. I have an amazing team that I am really proud of, but at the end of the day, I am accountable to all our clients. And as much as I embrace technology, I never forget that what really matters most are people. A lot of companies put technology first. At ESM, results and relationships come first and then we use technology to help improve both.

I believe change is good. Many of my peers fear change. Even those in marketing are sometimes reluctant to explore new methods, platforms, tools, and technology. They’re satisfied with the status quo because the old ways can often work well for a long time. At ESM, even when we produce good results for our clients, I want better. I’m not satisfied with “good enough.” I’m not afraid to take a new approach, try a new service, purchase a new technology, hire a new team member, no matter how different they may seem from what we’ve always done before.

I figure things out. To successfully operate the drone took some research, time, and a bit of trial and error. But I got it. Sometimes a client will come to us with a unique problem, one that other agencies have said couldn’t be easily solved. When I hear someone say “it can’t be done,” I can’t wait to prove them wrong –and my team and I usually do.

I love to learn. About drones, and how they work and what they can do. But also about other technologies and metrics and people. When I encounter a challenge, I don’t just meet it; I embrace it. Because each new obstacle can also be an opportunity for me and my team to learn and improve and provide even better service to our clients.

I go to great heights. The drone is a metaphor for the lengths I’ll go to satisfy the needs of our clients. It’s visible, transparent and soaring, just like ESM and the results we’re able to produce for our partner schools. The reaction to my video shoots from the drone and the results my team produces for enrollments and starts are often one-in-the-same: Wow!

I obey the rules. Even before I purchased my drone, I was on the Federal Aviation Administration website to learn the regulations required to operate it. I am registered with the FAA and I follow legal and common sense rules about safety, privacy, and respect for people and nature. I take the same approach with our partner schools. I’m not going to make promises I can’t keep or do anything that would harm the reputation of our partner schools, their students and graduates, or my company.

I like to have some fun. Flying my drone is fun. I hover it over Milo as he swims in the lake or above my team at our office barbeques. I get to participate in the activities I love with people I care about and record it with a flying camera. There isn’t much that’s more appealing for this chief HigherEd Geek.

~Andy Kelley