What to do After the Breakup: Choosing Your New Agency

Choosing the Right Higher Ed Marketing Agency

When there’s too much bad blood and you know you’re never getting back together with that old higher ed marketing agency, it’s time to shake it off and look to the future. And just like there are 8 signs that it’s time to break up with your agency, there are 8 traits you should look for in your new agency. Before you commit, make sure you’re not trading one bad relationship for another. Here’s what to look for:


Every great relationship is built on a foundation of honesty. From the start, make sure your new higher ed marketing agency can deliver what they promise. Be suspicious of grandiose offers of leads that convert at crazy high rates that sound impossible to achieve; they probably are.


 It’s not enough that your agency is honest with you; they also need to be an above board player in all their business dealings. That means they know compliance and wouldn’t do anything to tarnish your good reputation.


Was your old agency cheating on you? If they sent you a boat load of leads that never converted, the reason may have been because you weren’t the only school they were sending those leads. You want a faithful partner who will be true to you and your students.


Your agency needs to be as passionate about your brand as you are. They should know your school and its students and believe fully in your mission and all you’re able to help your students accomplish.

Mutually Beneficial

You wouldn’t stay in a relationship that you got nothing out of would you? You want an agency that helps you and your students reach their potential. And your agency should want a real partnership so they can do their best work for you and grow right along with you.


The best agency will satisfy all your needs, whether it’s Paid Search Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Reputation Management, or Digital Advertising.

Long Term

Do you think your job with your students is done the first day they start your programs, or do you look toward their long term success? If you want an agency that can help you achieve the enrollment and retention success you deserve, you’ll want an agency that isn’t afraid of a long term commitment.


At the end of the day, the best relationships make you feel better about what you do and how you do it. You work together toward the same common goal and have some fun while you’re doing it. If you couldn’t say that about your old agency, you need to look for it in your new agency.

At ESM Digital, we love what we do. We partner with some of the best schools in the country and help them achieve amazing results. And we have a lot of fun doing it. Are you ready to take a new approach to marketing? Contact us today to meet the partner of your dreams!