What Happens When You Shift Spend from Google to SEO and Content?

School executive using SEO for higher ed website

Google is god.

Think about it. It’s omnipotent, immortal and all-knowing. It answers prayers (or at least queries). It knows all your deepest concerns and darkest secrets. It was founded on a principle of “don’t be evil” and, with a vengeful bent, regularly punishes those who don’t follow its rules.

But it demands much more than a tithing from its worshipers. Even if it may be blasphemy to utter the suggestion, it may be time to look at other gods. If you’re tired of paying more and more to land a top spot on Google’s search engine results page, we have some news for you. You may not need to.

Don’t get us wrong. Paid media are foundational to what we do for our clients here at ESM Digital. However, many of the schools with which we work have budget constraints; they’re constantly asked to do more with less. When one of our schools set that very dilemma as a challenge to us, we took it on. And wow! Even we were surprised by what we could do.

SEO Case Study Results

We shifted a small spend from paid media into content and SEO and helped to boost enrollments and tuition revenue. Moreover, even with a reduced paid media budget, we didn’t see a corresponding decline in conversion results. But what we did see was a 10 percent decrease in cost-per-click. That’s right—costs went down. Check out our Optimize Marketing Budget case study to see what we did right.

Your institution likely made a significant investment in your website. It is the number one marketing tool you have to educate, inform and attract new students. But many schools invest dearly at the outset and have no plan for maintenance. Imagine purchasing a house and never performing routine upkeep. Your roof could leak, your heating system could be shot, your pipes could freeze. If you don’t invest in what you have, that home in which you had so much pride could do you and your family more harm than good. Same goes for your website. Search engine optimization starts as an initial investment, but requires routine maintenance to ensure you get the most out of the assets you own. Regular technical audits and adjustments based on their findings are critical to optimization. And when you include relevant, fully optimized content on your site, you reap even more benefits. It’s what turns that house to a home. It promotes your brand, positions your institution and its faculty as thought leaders, creates loyalty and trust among your varied stakeholders, generates traffic and helps to increase applications and enrollments.

At ESM Digital, we value what our clients have already built. We don’t want to rebuild, but we often want to renovate. Find out what’s great about your site from an SEO perspective, and what might need a bit of renovation. Contact the SEO experts at ESM Digital today.

~Linda Emma