What Good Is Great Content if No One Sees It?

Content Marketing Across Platforms

You invested in a cutting edge website design. It has a blog for which you regularly write great posts. You upload a steady stream of peer reviewed articles to it that are published by your talented professors. You even produce informative videos from time to time that you host on the site. You’re doing everything you can to produce that great content that every digital marketing guru advises you need to recruit millennials and Gen Z students.

But do they see it?

Take these 6 steps to make sure your content gets seen:

Organize it. Make sure that your content is easy to find on the site. Use a dropdown navigation bar on your site where your blog and other content assets are easily found.

Consider the individual user: The content your faculty finds interesting is likely going to be much different from what those future freshman find fascinating. Segment your content to fit the needs of the user. A blog is a great place for students to learn about campus life, programs and majors, whereas a section on research and publications would probably appeal more to your faculty, staff and academia, at large.

Promote it on social media. A prospective student who knows your school and its brand also knows how to find your content with a quick trip to your URL. But what about that potential student who doesn’t yet know that you might be the answer to their dreams? Promote your content across the social channels where your future students are most likely to roam and direct them to your website so they can learn what a great fit you could be to their needs.

Make connections: If your Dean of Business speaks at a conference, don’t just share the video with your connections; share it with theirs, as well. When your faculty members receive awards and accolades, make sure to share the good news and link to the awarding bodies. Inbound and outbound links help leverage good content and increase organic traffic to your site.

Repurpose: Don’t miss the opportunity to fully utilize the content you create. Promote that podcast with a blog post. Turn that case study into an infographic. Capture the attention of multiple intelligences by turning one piece of content into many.

Make it responsive: Make absolutely certain that whatever you create looks the way you intend it to across platforms and devices. Use responsive design so your content looks as good on mobile as it does on desktop. Don’t miss an opportunity to enroll because that potential student clicked away from a too-difficult-to-read-on-mobile blog post.

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~Linda Emma