What Facebook Reactions Mean for Your School

Have you wondered what Facebook’s newest feature will mean for your school? Facebook Reactions are now available to all users and pages. And you need to be prepared for how they will affect your page engagement, ad performance, and online reputation. Here’s our early reaction to the latest update to the popular social media platform.

What it Means for the Algorithm
Since its inception, Facebook has been hush hush on specifics about its algorithm. Facebook has said, however, that the algorithm will treat all Reactions equally, at least for now. This means that whether a user chooses like, love, or anger, the engagements will all be lumped together as one. If you want to see the breakout of Reactions to your posts, you can check your Page Insights. Just like the traditional like button, you can’t remove or hide Reactions chosen by your users.

Just Let it Happen
Facebook created Reactions to allow users to react to posts in a more authentic manner. As a brand, there’s a fine line between encouraging users to like or love your content and steering them toward feeling a certain way. Allow your prospects and students to feel and react the way they want.

What We’ve Already Noticed
Reactions can offer a deeper level of audience interaction and reputation management. Our very own social media experts say the use of Reactions comes with a learning curve. Users need to hover over the like button on desktop and press and hold on mobile to make the Reactions appear. This takes an additional step that some users might not know or care to take.

What Could be Coming
Facebook has not yet announced how reaction choices will affect the ads your students see in their News Feed. This is one of the opportunities Reactions present for the future. If a prospective student is angered by one of your ads, you could potentially use that information to adjust your targeting. If a student is saddened by a post, you might want to reach out to see how your staff can help. Since the feature is so new, we’re watching closely to formulate the right strategy for our clients.

Reactions present your school with a new set of opportunities and challenges. Are you prepared? Our #HigherEdGeeks can help! We customize the right strategy for your school to manage your online reputation and help you reach your lead generation goals. Give us a call at (978) 475-0880 to learn more today.

~ Lindsay Moura