We Know More About Your Students Than You Do

reaching students online

Not really.

In fact, no one knows your students better than you.

What we do know is a whole lot about how to speak to your demographic and still maintain your unique brand voice. There is a difference between your voice—the style that is uniquely and consistently yours—and the tone with which you need to speak to prospective students. That’s where we’ve got you covered. No agency can help you bridge the divide between voice and tone as effectively as ESM. Not only because we’ve been doing it for more than a decade and because we specialize in higher education, but also because we work with you. Our partnership begins even before the pitch and continues years into our relationship with you, your school and your students. We know what you do and who you serve almost as well as you do.

Here’s how:

We conduct research. Lots of research. From a technical perspective, we look at your school’s entire digital presence to find out what works and what needs improvement. We explore who your competitors are and find out what they offer, say and do. We also research your former and current students so we can find your future students and effectively target them. To all that new info, we add our own wealth of broad marketing knowledge and continuous research.

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When we first start to work with you, we ask a lot of questions. It’s the beginning of an ongoing conversation. The persona questionnaire you’ll fill out during our onboarding process tells us what your school is all about and who your students and graduates are. As we get to know you, we also ask what you like and don’t like about your current marketing and admissions. We ask about your goals and objectives. We want to know your vision for the future, not just in terms of enrollment goals, but also how we can help you fulfill your school’s overall, long-term mission.

No good relationship lasts long without open communication. That’s why we answer any questions you have, as quickly and fully as we can. We also answer the questions you don’t ask, but should, before they even occur to you. We tell you what we do on your behalf, explain how and why it works, and let you know when it doesn’t. We provide you with a breadth of knowledge and insight that we have access to and you don’t. In addition to our incredible in-house team, as a Google Partner, we have access to research, tools, and beta tests that many other agencies don’t. We know what’s happening right now in digital marketing and what’s likely to happen next. It’s a unique combination of experience and innovation and we pride ourselves on our high standards, transparency, expertise and level of service.

We consider ourselves an extension of your institution. We’re your partner, an advocate for all the good you do. We are committed to getting the good word out about your school. We speak to your future students because we know who they’re likely to be, where they travel in the digital sphere, and what they’re most likely to respond to. We don’t just find leads, we find students, those who are most likely to enroll, succeed, stay and graduate from your school. When they do well, you do well. When you succeed, we succeed. If you’re ready for an agency that will be your school’s committed partner, contact the HigherEd Geeks today.

~Linda Emma