Top 5 Trends and Practices in Digital Design

Are you looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s happening in digital design? Explore these top five trends and practices for 2018 and beyond.


  1. Video gone wild

Movement is in. Video dominates websites, digital ads, and apps. Animated gifs are also in the spotlight with subtle and sophisticated effects that enhance the digital experience. As technology has advanced, the appearance of video has increased, especially on mobile devices.


  1. Typography is bold

Typefaces rule once again! From handwritten fonts to combining several different families, bold typefaces are taking over hero images and graphics everywhere. Any Baskerville fans out there? You’re in luck! Even serif fonts have made a comeback, especially paired with their sans serif counterparts.


  1. Illustration meets photo

The year 2018 is definitely the time to showcase that opposites attract. The concept occurs in the graphic technique of combining photography and illustration. Custom illustrations are on the rise, and when combined with a photo that appears to break the foreground, this trend is in full force.


  1. Gradients and shadows reunite

In the early days of the web, dark drop shadows and multicolored  gradients were a prerequisite for every background or graphic. Then came along “flat design” which reigned supreme. While flat is still in, trending design leans toward “semi flat design” styles which combine flat colors alongside meaningful gradients and drop shadows to bring depth to icons, buttons, and UI elements.


  1. Branded duotone images

True duotone images were  first created from a long process used during the days of printing presses. Halftone images were layered over contrasting halftone colors to bring out an image’s highlights and create a greater dynamic range. The painstaking process is now easily created digitally. These duotones can add to the branding of digital design by utilizing complementary brand colors. This technique also fits well in the style of semi flat design.

So there they are! While 2018 brings increased technology and video, many of this year’s trends are being resurrected from years past, yet in new ways. Try using one or a combo of these trends and practices in your next design to ensure you stand out from the crowd. Let us show you how! Contact the design experts at ESM Digital today.


-Michelle Tagliaferri