The 5 Traits You Need to Look for in a Great Community Manager


Your prospects spend more time online than they do sleeping. That’s why your school needs a persistent online presence to engage with prospects wherever they may be as they travel through the enrollment funnel, on whatever device they use. What you may not realize, is that it takes an enormous amount of time and energy to maintain and grow your school’s social media presence. It is important to enlist the expertise of a community manager, whose sole job it is to fuel that growth through social media and content marketing.

The best community managers wear many different hats:

Content creator. Content is key in any marketing venture, but it is particularly important in the social sphere. To stay relevant in not only the News Feed but in the eyes of your future students, you need someone who can dedicate the time to research, produce, and promote multimedia content that is unique to your school on a consistent basis. They need to draft status updates, find compelling visuals, and craft and curate content that resonates with your particular demographic. Not to mention create content that is unique to each platform to yield higher clicks and ultimately, leads.

Analyst. A savvy community manager relies on data to prove the ROI of social media. They display a strong curiosity about the data behind content performance to make better informed decisions. They test and analyze results to weed out the weak from a content perspective.

Facilitator. Establish a firm but empathetic presence when monitoring the conversation(s) surrounding your school’s brand and/or its content. The more responsive and active your school is on social media, the more likely those who follow and interact with your school will be more likely to recommend and share your content.

News Junkie. Turn a global perspective into what matters most to your audience. Be aware of key holidays they know and celebrate. You know the very pulse of your audience, so plan your content accordingly and serve it at an optimal time (thanks, data!).

Project Manager. Streamline the moving parts of each department and format editorial content in a way that presents a clear, informative front across your school’s social media channels. Additionally, organize and oversee the launch of specific campaigns and growth initiatives for your school.

It takes an expert to know and manage the multiple facets that comprise social media community management for a brand. For more information, contact Effective Student Marketing today.

~ Alyssa Taliaferro