The 4 Rules That’ll Make Your Videos Go Viral

Video Goes Viral

Do you remember the popular TV show Candid Camera? It was so popular because it showed real people having real reactions. If you want people to share your content, make it contagious. With a little creativity, you can create branded videos that go viral.

At Hubspot’s INBOUND 2015, Eepybird’s co-founder, Stephen Voltz, explained that viral video is all about connecting with people. Follow these 4 rules to make your videos go viral:

  1. Be True

Viral video is different from TV. You don’t need all the fancy lighting and angles. Keep the scripts and edits to a minimum. Of course, you need a plan, but don’t stick to it at the cost of your authenticity.

  1. Don’t Waste Time

The video you create needs to be meaningful. Don’t waste time on the fluff and get straight to the point. This is especially true when it comes to online advertising. Have you ever impatiently hovered your mouse over the “Skip Ad” button on YouTube? You’re not alone. According to MetrixLab, 94 percent of viewers skip online ads. So, you need to create content that’s engaging and memorable, right off the bat.

  1. Be Unforgettable

Every viral video needs a hook or money shot that makes it unforgettable. You need to fully commit. If you don’t invest in your idea 100 percent, neither will your audience. Check out Eepybird’s Coke and Mentos experiments for some great examples of unforgettable and unscripted moments that often came from the experimenters’ reactions, not the experiments themselves.

  1. Stay Human

Find the real moment of true human emotion. Coca-Cola’s “See Bottles Differently” campaign is proof that you can create video to promote your brand and make it go viral. In the PlantBottle Pendulum Wave video, the real, human moment is at the very beginning when the camera shows the man pulling the bottles back. What would have made it even better is if we saw his reaction at the end. According to Eepybird, the campaign generated an engagement rate of over 28% on Facebook, which is 250 times its average for paid content.

At Effective Student Marketing, we strive to be innovative and creative each and every day. For example, our latest Halloween video is just a small taste of our unique branded content. Our team of #HigherEdGeeks can help you create content that people actually care about. Contact us today to learn more.

~ Lindsay Moura