Social Considerations: Promoted Pins

Approximately 83 percent of marketers struggle to come up with a plan of how to reach their desired audience on social media. While Twitter and Facebook are the channels that are top of mind for many advertisers, Pinterest is actually where the opportunity for conversion resides.

Thanks to Promoted Pins, Pinterest is no longer an underrated channel. Similar to Facebook, setting up an ad in the form of a Promoted Pin will allow your school to target the topic – and therefore the specific audience – it wishes to reach. Promoted Pins could be the answer to a problem many advertisers face when running ads on social platforms such as Facebook – dwindling (free) organic reach levels – as a result of increased competition brands face as they try to attract the consumer.

Here’s why Promoted Pins might be right for your school:

Increase your web traffic. Pinterest drives more web traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined.

Expand your audience. Promoting content from your website, blogs, or other social channels in the form of pins will expose a larger audience to your school’s brand.

Leverage keywords. Mobilegeddon is upon us, and this year is the year mobile will officially outperform desktop searches. Get in front of your prospects and students by doing some keyword research for search engine optimization (SEO). Use keywords frequently in your promoted content that your target audience is searching for. This will increase your page rank when those specific keywords are searched. A higher ranking Pinterest page will further boost your school’s SEO.

Dig into analytics. When you’ve decided what type of content your school wants to promote as pins, take a deep dive into your analytics to see what has performed best in the past. Pinterest analytics will give you insight into who your audience is, what types of pins they respond to, and whether your traffic derives from desktop or mobile. If you don’t know what works yet, testing out Promoted Pins is a great way to fine-tune your Pinterest strategy before it goes into effect.

Strategic keyword selection, quality visuals, and captivating copy must all work simultaneously to take your school’s audience from a group of curious browsers to potential leads. Here at Effective Student Marketing, we understand that Pinterest’s unique business model of putting the consumer first could prove to be a win-win situation for advertisers and users. If you’d like to learn how your school could integrate Pinterest into your overall digital marketing strategy, contact Effective Student Marketing today for a free consultation.