Smarter Social: Use Analytics to Add Value

You’re a school trying to generate leads through various social media venues. Track your social media analytics to add value and meaning to your content strategy. Analytics will help you:

Discover what you’re doing right. You already create some great content. But do you know what works best with your audience? Google Analytics allows you to see how many visitors come to your website each month, and how many visits came directly from social. How many eyes have your posts reached? Did the time of day have something to do with their success or failure? Facebook Insights like these will help you to create a baseline to assess and guide your content marketing strategy over time.

Track your progress. Analytics tools allow you to get a clearer picture of the ROI of your inbound content marketing. Vanity metrics (Likes, Fan Growth, etc.) aside, various analytics software allows you to track just how many leads your social media efforts have driven for your school. Tracking analytics lets you connect the actions you take to the leads they generate.

Better allocate your time. Use the data you pull from analytics to discover the best way to allocate your time. Spending a ton of time on Twitter and not getting many leads out of it? Reallocate your efforts to another platform and see if you experience greater success in bringing in leads.

Social media analytics paired with a solid content marketing strategy can help your school better define its business goals and key performance indicators. If you’re interested in seeing a greater ROI on your social media efforts, contact Effective Student Marketing today.

~ Alyssa Taliaferro