Protect Your School and Its Students Through Reputation Management

Protect Your Shcool and its Students through reputation Management

Your school’s reputation is priceless. A good reputation can increase student enrollment, enhance your status in the community and ensure the longevity of your institution and its programs. That’s why it’s vital that you do all you can to protect it. Vigilant reputation management should be much more than a public relations after-thought. It should be integrated into your overall marketing strategy and ingrained into all you do as an institution.

Effective Student Marketing president Andy Kelley offers his expert advice on reputation management in the digital age in his recently published article in Career Education Review, a publication dedicated to providing news, research and commentary to those serving the career college sector.

In the article, How Reputation Management Can Protect Schools and their Students, Andy provides insight into the strategies we use at Effective Student Marketing for our own clients. He says that “school leaders sometimes place reputation management to a back burner in a nod to what they consider the more urgent matters involved in day-to-day operations of their institution.” He calls this “a short-sighted and wrong approach.”

According to Andy, schools and their reputations are almost always discovered online today. It is in that digital world, then, that schools need to be extra vigilant. To learn some of the steps we take for our clients, download your free article How Reputation Management Can Protect Schools and their Students now.

Protect your reputation –it’s worth everything!