One More Reason to Love the Crazy Popular WordPress Publisher

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If you don’t already use WordPress to publish your school’s website and blog, Facebook has one more reason for you to hop on board. By its F8 Conference, being held in San Francisco on April 12, 2016, the company will partner with Automattic, WordPress’s parent company, to build a free plugin for its Instant Articles. Officially launched in 2015, Instant Articles are a means for publishers to put content on the Facebook platform with article links that have a seemingly instant load time. Tests done by Catchpoint Systems confirmed hyper fast load times between 0 and 300 milliseconds. With Facebook backing WordPress as a publisher of choice, you’d be crazy not to check out all the publishing platform has to offer.

First and foremost, WordPress is crazy easy to use. It has an intuitive interface that just makes sense. It’s easy to add pages and posts, insert images and videos, and use plugins to create widgets that can connect your content to other social media channels like Twitter and Pinterest.

It’s template-based so even if you’re not a coder, you can get really great results from the site.  In fact, WordPress does not require HTML editing software so you can upload content in a visual view that is as simple as typing text. You don’t need to use Adobe or Dreamweaver or any File Transfer Protocol software.

For a variety of reasons, search engines also love WordPress. As a content management system, its normal functionality includes proper URL structure, page titles, metadescription tags, metakeyword tags and H and Alt tags, all of which Google and other search engines easily find. Its permalinks make it easier for search engines to connect keywords to content and its SEO plugins work as a teaching tool for whoever loads your content. WordPress encourages the use of tags and keywords that can easily be found by crawling bots.

WordPress is a great organizational tool. Its categories allow you to easily file—and your prospects to find—resources by their relevancy. And when your prospects are rewarded with results that make sense, indexing search engines also reward your site with an increase in ranking.

Another feature that benefits both prospects and bots is WordPress’s ease of interlinks. Links help to build authority and provide your prospects with worthwhile outbound links. And when you link to pages with similar content, search engines reward you.

We love WordPress! But even more than the publisher, we love producing content to put on it. Contact us today and we’ll show you how incredible content can produce some incredible results for your programs and your school.

~Linda Emma