Make 2016 the “Year of Data” for Your Marketing

Data should drive every decision, every tactic, and every ad placement you make to attract prospective students. The tracking options, analysis tools and marketing expertise available today means you no longer need to guess or rely on intuition – you can use reliable data to guide all of your marketing decisions and actions.

There is more data available than ever before. You have customer data. Prospecting data. Intent data. There are ways to tell how every lead came to you; how many ads your prospects saw, how many interactions they had with your school’s brand along their path and which channel ultimately drove the lead, versus which channels assisted, or “brand built” for you. Through data, you now have a better understanding of the problems your prospects are trying to solve – giving you the ability to reach them with the kind of content they seek, and allowing you to guide them toward the action you desire.

All of this data allows you to build profiles for your intended audience by channel. It allows you to target and engage your audiences at scale across channels, platforms and screens, and along various touch points in the student decision-making journey. It allows you to reach prospects with the right message, at the right time. It helps you to influence your prospective students before your competitors do and to build better relationships and provide better user experiences. And it allows you to use your marketing budgets wisely for improved ROI.

[Tweet “Collect and analyze data to find new and better marketing opportunities”]The data is there; it’s readily available to you. It’s up to you to tap into these resources and integrate them into all your marketing efforts. Use this invaluable data to:

  • Personalize your marketing – data and new technologies allow you to identify who your website visitors are, then personalize your messaging to them
  • Understand your target audiencecreate accurate profiles to better understand your audience and target more qualified users
  • Open up new opportunities – when you take the time to fully analyze the data collected through the various technologies in use, you’re likely to find new and better marketing opportunities
  • Be where your target audience is – the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Demographic data can tell you where your prospects ‘hang out’ online, opening up new opportunities for engagement
  • Create better content – if you know the pain points of your audience, you can create content that speaks to their problems and place it along various touchpoints in their path

At Effective Student Marketing, we know that data-driven marketing can help you establish meaningful and valuable relationships with your prospects and students, while also helping you to treat your prospects the way they want to be treated—as individuals. Let us help you create better user experiences that improve engagement and build brand loyalty.  If you want to see increased student enrollment and program completions in 2016, resolve to use data in all your marketing efforts. We’ll show you how.

~Lynn Mahoney