LinkedIn Offers Advice on How to Reach Prospects

Everyone's on LinkedIn!

Are you like most schools? According to a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn, 58 percent of Admissions Directors did NOT meet their 2015 enrollment goals. But your students are out there and they do need you. In addition to resounding evidence that higher education leads to lower unemployment, higher salaries and an overall better quality of life, by 2018, 63 percent of all American jobs will require some sort of higher education.

You already know that your school and its programs provide real value. But that’s only if you can reach prospects, engage with them and get them to enroll. From its recent webinar, here are just a few of the content tips LinkedIn offered with advice on how to do just that:

Be Relevant. It’s more important than ever to provide relevant content to prospects that reach them wherever they are in the enrollment funnel. More than 70 percent of prospective students develop their “short list” before they reach out to a school. And being on that short list is critical -93 percent of students enroll at one of their short list schools. Giving students relevant content at each stage of their decision-making process will keep your school “front of mind.”

Be Human. Think about what your prospects’ needs are and find ways to fill them. Be helpful and “audience-first,” providing useful information before asking them to fill out a form. Tell stories that are directed to the “you” in your audience.

Think outside of business hours. If you want to reach your prospects, you have to be flexible. Even if your marketing team works 9-to-5, that doesn’t mean your target demographic does. More than ¾ of content is consumed at home and mobile is increasingly the way it’s seen. Your prospects are online and consuming content when it’s convenient for them, not you.

Take a one rock, many pebbles approach. If you produce an awesome white paper, turn that weighty content into an easy-to-understand infographic. Got a blog post that you think will resonate? Share it on Facebook. Pull a statistic from it and tweet it out to the world. Whatever content you produce, repurpose it. And then repurpose it again. If you keep a mind to evergreen content, an infographic can generate leads far into the future.

If you’d like to learn how to reach prospects on LinkedIn or anywhere else, contact us at Effective Student Marketing. We’ve got strategies and solutions to your student enrollment dilemmas that you haven’t tried yet.

~Linda Emma

*From LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Webcast –Reaching Today’s Prospective Students